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9,324 Monsters!

Posted by RECIVS on January 9, 2014 at 1:15 AM

The new Character Generation system is quite simple but turned out to be very flexible and prolific given the varied dice pool mechanic used. Literally thousands of combinations are possible by mixing just four basic attributes: Defense, Attack, Magic Resistance and Life Points.

This new system has been thoroughly described in our previous development update posted more than three months ago. Using the guidelines described there I was able to create a "universe" of 9,324 different combinations (see our Downloads section) from which I picked my 107 candidates for Advanced DR&D 2.0

Since we have thousands of specimens to choose from, there's a lot of room for adjusting and fine-tuning every one of the 107 monsters in the deck. Every one is unique and therefore different from each other. No version of Dungeon! has offered this vast array of monsters.

Could you find a better candidate for any of the 107 proposed monsters? The Monster Cards uploaded recently still require some work and polish. One can come up with their own choices within this "universe", and that´s the beauty of it :)

DR&D Project

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