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A Revision of Advanced HeroQuest Reforged V1.75

Posted by RECIVS on December 11, 2020 at 1:00 AM

Version 1.75 (link) 


The entire text has been revised once again. Besides the usual minor corrections, some simple but significant changes have been implemented:


Generating the Dungeon

*This variant used to follow the Tobaro’s Bane approach to stairways and quest rooms, which is now abandoned in favor of Slev’s system for its more varied results. Therefore, Slev’s default rules for stairs and quest rooms now apply, except for the Quest Room Features, which are now optional when the Party Experience is equal or lower than 12.


Hero Creation

*The starting values of the Heroes’ Core Characteristics have been tweaked as a consequence of the new restriction on Specialization (see Heroic Skills below). In previous versions, this variant allowed unlimited training via Specialization at a cheaper price, so most characteristics started lower than in AHQ in order to give room for advancement. However, now that training is limited (as in the original), if the starting values remain as low as before, then most characters will never be able to reach the higher part of the spectrum. Therefore, in order to bring the starting values closer to what they used to be in the original, they have been increased by one point (excluding Speed which has been reduced by one point).

*After selecting Paths, Heroes now increase their Weapon Skill, Bow Skill, Toughness, Speed, Bravery, and Intelligence by adding 1D4 points to each one of those characteristics. It is a combination of the original AHQ system with Slev's, intended to preserve the essence of both.

*Bonus Points are now used normally (as in Reforged); one Bonus Point may no longer be used to increase a Core Characteristic more than once. However, two Bonus Points may now be used on the same Core Characteristic if its starting value is four or less.


Play Sheets

*The GM Play Sheet has been improved, and it is now available as a separate download for more convenience. In an attempt to flatten the learning curve, it now also includes a ready-to-play example with the four original AHQ characters. It may save a daunted newcomer hours of preparations.


Heroic Skills

*Specialization may now be taken only once per Core Characteristic, except Weapon Skill and Bow Skill, which may be increased to the maximum of 12. Also, it now costs 600 Gold Coins for each Core Characteristic point, except Weapon Skill and Bow Skill (which still cost 750 Gold Coins for each point). After some consideration, I decided to preserve the original mechanics as much as possible. I believe limited training goes more in tune with the original feel of the game, and it also makes the Hero-creation process more relevant and varied than before.


A detailed list with the updates is included as usual. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


AHQ-Revamping Squad’s Workshop 

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